Primer Gauge Tool

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Includes both large and small anvil assemblies.

Requires Lee Auto-Prime series shell holders.

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Primer Gauge

If you want the ultimate and most precise in hand priming tools - the K&M Primer/Gauge will fit the bill. You MUST also select a shell holder to use this product.

Includes a LARGE and SMALL primer anvil.

Shell Holders

Lee Auto-Prime Shell Holder for use with a Power Adapter and Priming Tools.
Confirm your cartridge fit with our Shell Holder # Reference Guide.

Priming Tools - CASE ONLY

CASE ONLY, tools not included.

Replacement Primer Anvil Seating Assembly for Small Rifle and Small Pistol Primers

Replacement Primer Anvil Seating Assembly for Large Rifle and Large Pistol Primers

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Primer Gauge Tool | Primer Pocket Tool

If you want the ultimate in hand pocket priming tools – the K&M Primer/Gauge will fit the bill. Benchrest shooters seat the primer until they feel it touch the bottom of the primer pocket. Consistency is the secret to seating – with the K&M Primer/Gauge you have that consistency.

This precision instrument employs a dial indicator ensuring that each primer is seated the precise depth required.

This primer pocket tool is a must-have for precise seating.



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1 review for Primer Gauge Tool

  1. macleanhess

    Sound concept, I love the additive nature of combining pocket depth and primer height. However, the ergonomics are pretty bad. A lever and tool that aren’t contoured to the hand seem like a major oversight. I had to hone/buff the corners on the lever. The lever is short enough that it’s easy to overshoot your desired seating depth; a longer lever would make for greater repeatability. Also there’s no provision for preventing the shellholder from rotating and thus changing the depth and/or measurement. I made a witness mark for this and I find I have to readjust every 10-12 primers or so. A second-generation version that addresses these concerns would easily be 5/5.

    • Dave @ K&M

      Hey Macleanhess,
      Thanks for your business and the feedback! We are in the early design phase for a 2nd-gen of our priming tools (no sooner than 2023) and appreciate customer input. For the shell-holder rotating – a simple remedy is to add a small amount of high-viscosity grease or die wax to the threads to increase resistance to rotation. Please feel free to reach out to us with any other feedback: [email protected]
      Dave @ K&M

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