Precision Reloading Tools for Next-Level Shooting Accuracy

Precision is a Measure of Trust

K+M Precision Shooting Products sets the bar in precision reloading tools. 

As the leader in our industry, we are your trusted and comprehensive source for quality products and tools. Because all of our tools meet the highest standards, you can rely on our tools to optimize your accuracy through reloading.



We have been producing the best precision reloading products for over 20 years. Our products are still 100% American made. K+M's reloading equipment will help you achieve consistent results measuring within up to 10-thousandths of an inch. This is why we confidently guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Precision Reloading Products



Having high performance equipment will accomplish a lot towards target accuracy. Your accuracy however is relative to the consistency of the ammunition you send through it. This is why our tools help you increase your accuracy significantly. By producing consistent performing ammunition, you and your equipment can achieve the best results. 

.50 CAL BMG Neck Turner, Steel Pilot and Steel Cutter - Complete w/power adapter & handle-374


Tailor Ammunition to Your Gear and Goals

Precision reloading tools will allow you to tailor your ammunition to fit the personality of each of your weapons. Reloading with our tools can also enable you to dial in your loads for various shooting objectives or scenarios. 

Mitutoyo Wall Thickness Micrometer with 60 Degree Modification-0

K+M is the Leader in Precision Shooting Reloading Tools

With over 20 years manufacturing the most precise reloading tools, K+M Precision Shooting has remained the leader. 

Our products are 100% American made and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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