Version 2 Press Adapters – PowerStroke

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PowerStrokeā„¢ Press Adapters (Patent Pending) are the next generation Press Adapter for neck sizing on virtually all styles of reloading press. Fully compatible with coax style presses!

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Now available: Large Cal. Press Adapters with 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 thread.

Expand Mandrels sold separately: sizing for Bullet TensionĀ or before Neck Turning.


Mandrel Holder (5/8 - 18)

(Requires 2-Row or 3-Row Press Adapter)

2-Row Press Adapter, 7/8-14 (Requires Mandrel Holder)

3-Row Press Adapter, 7/8-14 (Requires Mandrel Holder)

1-1/4-12 Press Adapter (Requires Mandrel Holder)

1-1/2-12 Press Adapter (Requires Mandrel Holder)


PowerStrokeā„¢ version 2 (v2) Press AdaptersĀ (Patent Pending) are a significant advancementĀ  from our Version 1 (v1) by allowing press full-stroke, 360Ā° visibility with a symmetrical port hole matrix.

Size case necks (.17 – .50 cal) on all press styles (traditional, coax, and progressive presses) and improve expand mandrel positioning with a fine thread pitch (5/8-18).
2-Row and 3-Row are 7/8-14 thread and Large Caliber adapters are noted as 1-1/4-12 and 1-1/2-12.

Utilizing an Expand Mandrel Holder (EXMH) allows forĀ  installation in tight working areas (coax and progressive presses). See details, below.
EXMH includes 8-32×1″ screw (same as v1 Press Adapter). Expand Mandrels sold separately.

How-To and Press Adapter Selection Guide – Match Press Type and Case Length:

PowerStrokeā„¢ Overview Video:


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