3-in-1 Premium Carbide Primer Pocket Correction Tool

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Primer Sizes: Small Rifle / Pistol | Large Rifle | Large Pistol | BMG
Flash Hole Sizes: Standard (Large) = .082″ | Small = .062″
BMG: Standard (Large) = .138″ | Small = .100″
Patent Pending


The patent pending Premium Carbide 3-in-1 Primer Pocket Correction Tool combines three precision cutting features in a single operation:

  1. Primer pocket depth cutting
    (Plus great for carbon removal after de-priming.)
  2. All-New chamfering of the flash hole
    (Creates a lead-in/funnel for the primer flame front; an additional level of consistency.)
  3. Chamfering of the primer pocket
    (Lead-in for primer installation and effectively removes military crimps: ring, 3-point, etc.)

Key Features:

  1. Precision ground from solid carbide
  2. All cutting depths set using the case base as a hard stop (non-adjustable)
  3. Auto-ejects brass chips with open flutes
  4. Chamfer on the primer pocket leading-edge
  5. Chamfer on the flash-hole leading-edge at the base of the primer pocket
  6. Tool guidance using inner diameter of the primer pocket
  7. Integrated 1/4″ hex drive with quick-change groove
  8. Primer Pocket Cutting Depths:
    Small Rifle / Pistol: .122”
    Large Rifle: .131”
    Large Pistol: .122”
    BMG: .220”

Note: The Case Holder is a highly recommended companion to assist difficult to hold cases.

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1 review for 3-in-1 Premium Carbide Primer Pocket Correction Tool

  1. gspkurt (verified owner)

    This tool is amazing! What a time-saver! It does an AWESOME job on crimps, flash holes and primer pockets. I just wish I had this years aago.Thanks for designing this.

    • Dave @ K&M

      Good to hear it’s working well for you! We wish it was out sooner too; we worked on it for a quite a while and glad to have it in on our reloading benches as well.

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