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Power Adapter for attaching the shell holder to a powered drill or handle for spinning cartridges for neck turning.
Requires a Lee Auto Prime Shell Holder – sold separately.
Now compatible with 47S shell holders.

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Power Grip

Power Grip to be used with power adapter (new laser etched style) to make it easier to tighten down your case without tools.

Power Adapter Handle

Use with any 1/4" hex drive stem tool or brush.
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Power Adapter for attaching a shell holder to a powered drill or Power Adapter Handle.
Used for neck turning, donut removal with carbide cutting pilots, or holding the case for various operations.

Requires a Lee Auto Prime Shell Holder – sold separately. 

3 reviews for Power Adapter

  1. blporting (verified owner)

    Look stronger than the first generation

    • Dave @ K&M

      Good eye! Several years ago the power adapter was redesigned with a generous radius (to reduce stress concentration) and a higher strength steel for robustness. Another handy addition is the quick change chuck relief in the 1/4″ hex.

  2. Billy G (verified owner)

    This thing is a home run straight out of the park. If you’re getting older and you worked with your hands all your life and you don’t want to have carpal tunnel surgery like the rest of the people you work with this piece of equipment is a lifesaver. I use this with the blue power ring so I can tighten the cases prior to neck turning. I have not had one slip yet. You can also use this to chamfer and deburr the case mouths also. I have even used it to spin the case and just hold the flash hole uniforming tool in my hand. Great design and top-notch equipment as usual

    • Dave @ K&M (verified owner)

      I’m glad it’s working well for you Billy!

  3. anthony.acciani (verified owner)

    Power adapter is an absolute must. I honestly don’t even want to know how sore my wrist would be if I turned my brass by hand. Just be smart fellow reloaders, lol. It is well built, sturdy, and the piston fits perfectly through the case holder. Zero slop.

    • Dave @ K&M (verified owner)

      Thanks for the review Anthony! It is a wrist saver. I also strongly recommend getting the Power Grip for a better grasp of the Power Adapter. ~Dave @ K+M.

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