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Power Grip to be used with power adapter (new laser etched style) to make it easier to tighten down your case without tools.

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Power Adapter

Power Adapter for attaching the shell holder to a powered drill or handle for spinning cartridges for neck turning.
Requires a Lee Auto Prime Shell Holder - sold separately.
Now compatible with 47S shell holders.

Power Adapter Handle

Use with any 1/4" hex drive stem tool or brush.

Power Adapter for BMG

Power Adapter for attaching the BMG cartridge to a powered drill or handle.
No shell holder used with BMG Power Adapter.

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Improved ability to lock and un-lock your case in the power adapter.

Can be used with the handle, cordless screw driver or drill.

Slide the Power Grip over your Power Adapter from the drive stem slide and snug up the set screw with the supplied hex key.

Only to be used with newer style power adapter shown in pictures.


7 reviews for Power Grip

  1. john_blythe (verified owner)

    This product is an ABSOLUTE MUST !! I’ve turned 1000’s of pieces of brass before I knew about this accessory. Without it your hands will hurt and unfortunately get pinched multi times while using an electric drill. Save yourself significant frustration and get ahead of of the issue – you will thank me…

  2. vonlaue (verified owner)

    Some knurling along the edge would be nice, other than that, perfect.

  3. Michael Twidle (verified owner)

    A must have using a wrench or allen to tighten the holder was PIA. This simple holder makes turning brass a pleasure.

  4. calirresendez (verified owner)

    The build quality is impeccable! My only complaint is that it does not say the power grip is only compatible with the newer model on the website. It does however note on the instruction sheet that came with the product that it is only compatible with the style of retainer nut with the engraving. Again, no complaints on the products just wish there was an asterisk noting that critical piece of information. I will continue buying K&M they’re the best as far as I’m concerned.

    • Dave @ K&M

      Thanks for the review and feedback! I just added a note to this webpage at the top to ensure it is notice; as we do have a note lower in the “description” section about the compatibility. We made significant improvement to the Power Adapter from the first generation. Thanks for your continued support of K&M to allow us investment in continuous improvement!

  5. joseph izzo (verified owner)

    Power grip is perfect easy on the your hand when installing or removing the case from the perfect neck turner

    • Dave @ K&M

      Thanks for the review and I’m glad it is working well for you!

  6. tigerrick (verified owner)

    Good product but as said above some knurling would`ve made this so much better. I did find a fat rubber band around the perimeter works well. Love your products and watching my groups shrink after I use them!

    • Dave @ K&M (verified owner)

      Thanks for the review and feedback! We currently have manufacturing constraints preventing us from adding a knurl. We hope that changes in the coming years and for now nice work improvising with a rubber band.

  7. Billy G (verified owner)

    This is a necessity if you use the power adapter for turning case necks. I would love to see knurling on the outside of this also. It does work fantastic just the way it is.

    • Dave @ K&M (verified owner)

      Thanks for the feedback Billy! The knurling is on our wishlist, too – see other comments for details.

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