Case Neck Chamfer Tools (Controlled Depth Tapered Reamers)

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The K&M case mouth chamfer tool cuts a shallow angle chamfer on the inside of the case neck for smooth bullet seating while controlling the depth of cut with stop fingers that register on the case mouth which insures each case has the same depth chamfer.  The chamfer angle is 4 degrees per side.  The tool also incorporates a pilot pin that guides through the flash hole of the cartridge to maintain the tool on the centerline of the cartridge for an even cut.

The tools cut chatterless by means of a 6-flute cutting design except for the .17cal-6mm tool which is a 3-flute tool.  We now have 5 tools in the line up to accommodate calibers .17 through .50 caliber.

  • .17cal – 6mm Calibers (.0585″ pin)
  • 6mm – .338 Calibers (.0585″ pin)
  • .35 – .408 Calibers (.074″ pin)
  • .416 – .50 calibers (.074″ pin)
  • .416 – .50 Calibers, BMG Cartridges base only (.134″ pin)

.17 - 6mm Controlled Depth Tapered Reamer

6mm - .338 Controlled Depth Tapered Reamer

.35-.408 Cal. Controlled Depth Tapered Reamer

.416-.50 Cal. Controlled Depth Tapered Reamer

BMG .416 - .50 Cal. Controlled Depth Tapered Reamer

For BMG size flash-hole.

For powered operation:

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  1. Size your brass before using this tool to insure that the case mouth inside diameter is consistent and perfectly round.
  2. Loosen the thumb screw and use a small flat blade screw driver to adjust the set screw in the handle to move the cutter within the tool body. It is best to start with the cutter set so it is not touching the case mouth and begin inching it forward with the set screw until you just make contact with the case mouth, now advance the cutter forward until the desired chamfer depth is attained and tighten the thumb screw.
  3. Typical chamfer depth is .015”-.030”.
  4. The cutter is sharp so remove material gently until the stop fingers make contact with the case mouth. This usually only takes 2 or 3 revolutions between your thumb and fore finger.
  5. Bullet will now seat smoothly with its base unharmed.

Tool How-To Video:

how to tapered reamer case mouth chamfer correction tool case neck chamfering

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5 reviews for Case Neck Chamfer Tools (Controlled Depth Tapered Reamers)

  1. Monte Mlekush (verified owner)

    Like everything else from K&M, the chamfering tool is of the highest quality and easy to use. Super easy to adjust. (I actually read the instructions)

  2. teambravobmx (verified owner)

    This chamfer tool is exactly what I was looking for. Completely perfect and square cut every single time. Would definitely recommend to anyone else.

    • Dave @ K&M

      Glad the chamfer tool is working for you! Thanks for the review.

  3. Bruce Campbell (verified owner)

    Excellent tool. It was a little challenging to set up, mostly due to me, but cuts clean without chatter marks you get from a regular reamer. Angle is good for VLD type bullets but I use it for all my reloads in both a 7mm and a 30-06.

  4. bbowers

    Another K&M product that exceeds my expectations. Way better than the variety of tools I have used before.

    • Dave @ K&M

      Thanks for the review Mr. Bowers!

  5. Kim Giles

    Just received my chamfer tools yesterday and another amazing product from K&M the name of the game is uniformed and repeatable the tool is amazing will need to get the power adapter after 200 cases my fingers were sore.
    Slowly changing over to K&M products definitely a huge difference in quality over RCBS

    • Dave @ K&M

      Thanks Kim! I’m glad the it’s working well for you. The 1/4″ drive adapter is definitely a finger saver for doing cases in volume.

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