Benchtop Case Prep Machine 50-533 RPM


Unique Features
•Variable speed from 50 rpm to 533 rpm.
•Ample torque for demanding operations.
•Models available with one, two, three, four, five or six driven spindles.
•Collet and idler spindles ride on oil impregnated bronze bearings for smooth operation.
•Collets lock on ¼” hex tool shanks.
•Can drive all K&M tools or any other tool that have 8-32 or 3/8-24 threaded drive shanks.  Requires appropriate adapter shank.
•Manufactured and assembled in West Michigan.
•All machines come with quality hard case with foam, chip pan, chip brush, 1/4” hex drive adapter for 8-32 and 1/4” hex drive adapter for 3/8-24.

Built to Order: 
•Ships 5-7 weeks from date of purchase
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The K&M case prep machine is an industrial grade unit that features an industrial DC brushless motor for constant torque control over a speed range from 50 to 533 rpm.  The speed can be quickly changed by simply rotating the dial switch and pressing to enter the speed.  Models are available from single to six spindle configurations.  The driven spindles feature a unique collet design that accepts ¼” hex shank tools that are oriented horizontally for natural ergonomics.  Drive all of the K&M line of tools or select a ¼” hex tool shank adapter with either 8-32 or 3/8-24 threads to drive any tool of your choice.  Arrange tools to meet our preference of case prep procedure. Each model has a spring loaded spindle lock pin to hold the spindle position while setting tools or loading/unloading cartridges into the power adapter.

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