Drive Stem/Cone/Stop for Powered Operation of Premium Flash Hole Uniformer

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Convert Premium manual tool to powered version.

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• NEVER use these tools in a case with a “LIVE Primer”.
•The new Premium flash hole tools have a carbide cutting head that allow the brass chips to free flow from the cutter which conditions both the diameter of the flash hole and chamfers the flash hole at the case web.
•Available in 0.082”, 0.062” and 0.059” diameter cutting tips.
•The tip of the tool has a gentle taper to help enter the flash hole and then condition the flash hole to a specific diameter.
•Just as our “Professional” flash hole tool, the “Premium” tool chamfer cut depth is controlled from the case web.  So once the tool bottoms on the case web the cutting action is done regardless of overall case length variation.
•Available in configurations for manual and powered operation.
• Insert the Premium for Manual Operation tool through the mouth of the case into the flash hole and grip the case with your hand while holding the brass centering cone in the case mouth to maintain the tool to the centerline of the cartridge.  Rotate the tool handle with the other hand until you no longer feel the tool cutting.  TAKE CARE as the cutting tip will protrude beyond the base of the cartridge.
•If you prefer to use the tool driven with power then select the Premium for Powered Operation configuration.  A thrust bearing is embedded in the centering cone in which a spring maintains pressure on the cone to keep it engaged in the case mouth.  Simply adjust the clamp collar up or down the tool shaft to apply a light spring pressure against the centering cone.  Use the ¼” hex drive stem in any cordless screw driver or remove it so the tool can be used in prep centers with an 8-32 thread.
•When your tool is in storage wipe a light oil on the tool steel shaft.

1 review for Drive Stem/Cone/Stop for Powered Operation of Premium Flash Hole Uniformer

  1. ERIC WONG (verified owner)

    This accessory simplifies Uniformng Flash Holes when you have alot of cases to work on. The manual knob handle is fine for a few cases, but this accessory expedites the process. Well made, easy to adjust and use. The “spring loaded” alignment/centering cone is a helpful “third hand” !!!!!

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