Arbor Press Right Hand


This rugged press is used with inline bullet seating and neck sizing dies and can be used at your home loading bench or at the range.

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Arbor Press Right Hand

The ability to “feel” the bullet as it is seated into the case neck is very important to achieve consistency and accuracy. Our newly designed toggle link arbor press has a very smooth and much improved feel to provide the reloader that critical sensitive feedback.
Compact size allows for use on your loading bench or at the range. Mounting holes are provided in the base if you choose to hard mount to your loading bench.

Base size 3.5″ x 5″, Height – 11″

Working height is adjustable from 0″-7.5″ or 0″-6″ when used with a force pack.

1″ press stroke.

Simple height adjustment is made by loosening two screws on the side with the provided T-handle hex key.

Reference scale is etched on the column for height adjustment and die placement target on the base to position your die under the press ram.

Use the K&M die base when using a neck sizing die.

The neck tension the cartridge neck applies on the bullet is very important for on target consistency. The force required to seat the bullet is an excellent way to quantify the consistency of your neck tension. To do this use the force pack and a standard .001″ dial indicator to read force in 1lb increment (.001″=1lb). A low range force pack coming soon.



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