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K+M’s Precision Reloading Arbor Press. This rugged arbor press is used with inline bullet seating and neck sizing dies and can be used at your home loading bench or at the range. A reference scale is etched on the column of the arbor press for height adjustment and die placement target on the base to position your die under the press ram.

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Arbor Press

Standard Force Pack

Premium Mitutoyo Dial Indicator 0.001"

Dial Indicator 0.001"

0.001" resolution. For use with Arbor Press Standard Force Pack.

Low Force Pack

Only compatible with the K&M modified dial indicator (DI50).

Dial Indicator for Low Force Pack

To be used with the K&M Low Force Pack.

Die Base

Use the K&M die base when using Wilson type neck sizing dies.

Arbor Press Case

Watertight, dust-tight, impact resistant protective case.
(Case ONLY,  Arbor Press and accessories sold separately)
Not compatible with extra long column.


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K+M’s Precision Reloading Arbor Press is the most popular arbor press for precision reloaders. This rugged arbor press is used with inline bullet seating and neck sizing dies. It’s perfect for use at your home loading bench or at the range.

You can achieve consistency and accuracy with the ability to “feel” the bullet as it is seated into the case neck. This is incredibly important for the best results. Our newly designed toggle link arbor press has a very smooth and much-improved feel to provide the reloader that critical sensitive feedback. Compact size allows for use on your loading bench or at the range. Mounting holes are provided in the base as an option to hard mount to your loading bench.

Specifications and Applications

Arbor Press Feature: Standard Column Extra Long Column
Overall Height 11” 18.87″
Working Height (no force pack) 0 – 7.5” 0 – 15.37”
Working Height (with force pack) 0 – 6.0” 0 – 13.87”
Base size 3.5″ x 5″
Base mounting holes 2x @ 0.263” | Centerline: 2.25”
Press Stroke 1”
Safe Max Force 150lbs
Throat Depth 1.58” (Ram-center to Column)
Standard Force Pack Max Force: 150lbs | Force/Deflection: 1lb/.001”
Low Force Pack Max Force: 50lbs | Force/Deflection: 1lb/.002”


Use the provided hex key to loosen the screws on the side for simple height adjustments.

An additional feature for our Arbor Press is the tall column option. It’s a great feature because it allows for use with larger cases. Extra-long cartridges typically apply to cases such as the .50BMG.

For determining the correct force pack to use, the decision point between the standard force pack and the low force pack is based on the neck tension that the neck has been sized for. The typical rule of thumb for the use of the low force pack is neck tensions of .0015-.002” or less. The scale on the low force pack is 0-50lbs. Therefore, when seating with light neck tensions you will have better resolution for lower force readings.

The standard force pack range is 0-150 lbs which will accommodate pretty much any neck tension.

There’s a reference scale etched on the column of the arbor press to easily adjust the height. There’s also a die placement target on the base to position your die under the press ram.

Use the K&M die base when using a neck sizing die.

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5 reviews for Arbor Press and Accessories

  1. Michael Riksheim (verified owner)

    Arbor press is good, but had to make a couple minor adjustments. The screw that holds the force indicator was not a true, flat surface. I had to grind down the outside rim that was simply threads to make it flat. The gauge would slip before, even when fully tightened. Now it is good. You must also remove the excess lube from the column to keep the arbor from sliding up as well.
    Otherwise, I absolutely love this thing!

    • Dave @ K&M

      Hey Mike, thanks for the feedback! Glad you’re enjoying the press after a few tweaks. Look for an e-mail from [email protected] to get more details on the flat you had to tweak.

  2. bbowers (verified owner)

    Super High Quality. Great price and Fast delivery.

    • Dave @ K&M

      Thanks for the review Mr. Bowers!

  3. Kim Giles

    Absolutely love this press! Just got it in today and I can’t find anything I can complain about. Just like the rest of my equipment I have bought from KM it is flawless.
    About to add the standard forcepack and case. Going to range this weekend to do a seating depth test. This will be so convenient.
    Thank you for making quality products!

    • Dave @ K&M (verified owner)

      Thanks for the kind words, Kim! I’m glad we’re hitting the mark. ~Dave @ K&M

  4. rdcarr.carr (verified owner)

    I just got this unit in. I like how easy it is to step up. It did have some minor scarring on the column but I was able to clean it up. I’ll be loading some 300 WSM using LeWilson dies tomorrow. I’m hoping this setup will fix the runout I’ve been experiencing with completed ammo. All in all it’s a nice setup and can’t wait to see the results. I’d give it a 5 star except for the column scarring.

    • Dave @ K&M (verified owner)

      Hey RDCARR, thanks for the review and sorry about the column scarring – perhaps some debris got between the column and press, I’m glad it’s working for you! Please reach out if you have any questions or feedback on the press: [email protected]. ~Dave @ K&M.

  5. rnbaxter

    I’ve got a lot of K&M products in my shop and use them on a regular basis. I’ve never been disappointed in their performance. My thanks to Jill for getting my order out so quickly! I really like the press and the force pack feature. I haven’t used the tapered neck reamers except to set them up for depth of cut. ALL of my K&M tools are extremely well made and I’m sure they will last me a lifetime.

    • Dave @ K&M (verified owner)

      Thanks for the comment Rick! Glad we’re hitting the mark.

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