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We offer both hardened tool steel and carbide cutters. See below for a more detailed description.
Cutters sold individual – photos show all available angles. 

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Our most popular neck turner cutter is our standard steel. Made out of tool steel that gets heat treated and then ground. We offer it in our universal 50 degree cutter and have 23, 28, 33, 38 and 43 degree lead angle cutters for those that want to be 3 degrees over their shoulder angle.

The K&M Lead Angle Carbide Cutter has a longer life than the steel cutter. It also does better with heavier cuts. The carbide neck turner cutter is now available in 23, 28, 33, 38, 43 and 50-degree lead angles. Our large-caliber cutters in both steel and carbide have 50-degree angles ground in them as standard.

6 reviews for Spare Neck Turner Cutters

  1. Ted Bates (verified owner)

    I have been neck turning for many calibers for years starting with the old Marquart neck turning tool. I have since purchased K&M tools as their pilot turn mandrel swap out with the Marquart, a great advantage for me. More recently I have gone as well to PMA neck Turner, 21st Century and Sinclair. All of these newer Case neck tools have their own unique advantages and neck expanders and pilots or mandrels. Some reloaders prefer one over the other brand but I see advantages of each! My preference for specific calibers is the proper cutter( definitely Carbide) and turning arbor or pilot(Manderel) also in carbide. This is not for their longevity but for the ability of carbide to maintain its dimensional stability and heat resistance to friction. K&M has recently added specific angled cutters to their line of neck turners. I believe in maintaining the specific angled cutter for a specific class of should angled cartridges. I use 23º for my .300 B.O. or .223, and the proper corresponding 20º cutter for .243 Winchester. Any other cutter larger or smaller in angle tends to undercut the shoulder too much when attempting to prevent the “donut” bulge. K&M offers slightly larger by 3º on most of the shoulder angles which now works for me over their older standard 50º cutter angles.K&M also offers their Carbide “cutting pilot” which serves a dual purpose of being a turning mandrel and internal remover of a possible “donut” because the shoulder was not cut into slightly in order to prevent it.Again, each reloader has their preference and I prefer properly matched cutter angles to their family of shoulders. Ted Bates in Fort Wayne,IN

  2. Marc Cooley (verified owner)

    My new 33 deg doesn’t fit my older neck turner body so I had to use a newer one purchased specifically for a .340 Wby. I suppose this is progress, but those acquiring a new cutter may also need a new body. The cutter itself is 5 star, but having to invest in a new body just costs more money.

    • K&M

      Hey Marc,
      Thanks for the review and feedback! We’ve heard that some of our early neck turner bodies do have tight cutter slots. Feel free to reach out to us for a simple fix with a needle file to open up the slot or send it in for a free tuning (not including shipping).

      We do control cutter width to .125″+/-.0015 and all neck turner bodies in the last 5-8 years are controlled to accept that tolerance.

      Dave @ K&M

  3. mrbruce38 (verified owner)

    Purchased the entire setup from a retailer but they were out of the 32deg cutters so I ordered one straight from K&M, incredibly fast shipping. For standard high speed steel this thing cuts like butter.

    Going forward I will order directly from K&M and let them keep the money in their own pocket.

    • Dave @ K&M

      Thanks Mr. Bruce! We appreciate the direct business and it all goes to our local Michigan economy.

  4. lynn31344 (verified owner)

    K&M has the best products with the best service. I hate neck turning, but trying the 6 BRA in PRS I measured my “high quality” brass necks with a Mitutoyo micrometer & found that the necks were uneven enough that I would never get consistent neck tension using one bushing in my die. Ordered a 43* carbide blade to go with my K&M kit. It was one time & made easy because of the blade/pilot quality. Now one bushing gives me the same neck tension across my new BRA brass. Thanks for quick shipment also. These are good people.

    • Dave @ K&M

      Thanks Lynn! I’m glad we’re hitting the mark.

  5. Jeff Hailpern (verified owner)

    I ordered an extra cutter with the correct degree for 556 cases to go with the standard starter kit. Much easier to turn down into the shoulder junction. These are perfect.

    • Dave @ K&M

      Glad they’re working for you Jeff!

  6. Michael Pasternak (verified owner)

    This cutter is great! I like the offset angle for the neck/shoulder the best. Unlike my previous tool that would cut into the shoulder if you’re not very careful.

    I use this at very low feed and turn rate with a little lube. I gained enough confidence to turn 70 pieces that turned out right where I wanted them.

    Shipping was fast and the price was right. Really happy with my K&M tools and highly recommend them. Thanks!

    • Dave @ K&M

      Thanks for the review! Please let us know if there are other pain-points in your reloading process – we’re all ears and developing new products. Send us an email: [email protected]

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