Gage Pins

Gage Pins are used for qualifying the consistency in the sizing of your brass.

Please select from the calibers below where you can shop for the bullet tensions/diameters of gage pins you are looking for:

17 Cal Gage Pins

19 Cal Gage Pins

20 Cal Gage Pins

22 Cal Gage Pins

6mm Cal Gage Pins

25 Cal Gage Pins

6.5mm Cal Gage Pins

270 Cal Gage Pins

7mm Cal Gage Pins

30 Cal Gage Pins

311 Cal Gage Pins

8mm Cal Gage Pins

338 Cal Gage Pins




Checking your Case Neck with Gage Pins:

 After neck expanding use gage pins to confirm the neck sized as expected.  The feel you are looking for is a light drag on the gage pin.  When sized properly the gage pin will act as a piston as you push the pin into the case neck while holding your finger or thumb over the primer pocket.  You can actually feel the air compress inside the case.  Quite often the brass can be harder or softer than expected. By stepping up or down on the expand mandrel bullet tension size you can achieve the desired neck tension to your gage pin.


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