How to: Read a Micrometer for Precision Reloading

Learn How to Use a Micrometer and How to Use them For Precision Reloading

Learn how to read a micrometer and how to use them for precision reloading | K&M Precision Shooting Products | K+M Precision Reloading | Learn how to precision reload.


  • Michael Taylor says:

    I did not watch the video as I understood how the vernier worked. But if I had, I would have noticed that the anvil has a ball on the end. The video does not indicate the ball diameter. However, some reloaders might want to know that this ball is larger than 0.172″, the inside diameter of a 17 caliber cartridge. The bottom line is, the tool works with calibers down to 20 cal (.204).

    • Dave @ K&M says:

      Hey Michael, thanks for the feedback. We’ve added the following note on the product page: works with .20 cal and larger (Anvil ball diameter: 0.185″).

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