Version 1 Press Adapter and Window Riser

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First generation (Version 1) Press Adapter and Window Riser to use neck sizing expand mandrels on a reloading press.
Limited compatibility with coax style presses.
(Window Riser is NOT compatible with BMG cartridges, inside diameter is .650″. Use 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 PowerStroke version) 


Next generation PowerStroke™ Press Adapters (Version 2) and fully compatible with coax style presses.

v1 Press Adapter + Window Riser

Expand Mandrel sold separately

v1 Press Adapter

Window Riser

(Requires a v1 Press Adapter)


Press Adapter

Carbon steel with oxide coating, 7/8-14 thread. Includes 8-32 screw. Expand mandrel sold separately.

Expand Mandrel Window Riser

A simple device that brings the case neck expanding above the press and allows for full visual of the operation through a viewing window. Not only does it bring the case neck expanding operation from below the press where line of sight is difficult but it also eliminates the need for the stop screw in the expand mandrel.

7/8-14 male-to-female threads. Press adapter and expand mandrel sold separately.

Press Adapter Selection – Match Press Type and Case Length:

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