Small Pistol/Rifle – Primer Pocket Correction Tool

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Small Pistol/Riffle set to .122″ depth

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Small Pistol & Riffle – Primer Pocket Correction Tool

Small Pistol & Riffle set to .122″ depth

Designed with a drive shank to be used with your cordless screwdriver and/or either of K&Ms handles. K&Ms primer pocket correction tool uses a carbide cutter with a preset depth, ensuring you consistently square the primer pocket bottom.



Tool Notes:

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2 reviews for Small Pistol/Rifle – Primer Pocket Correction Tool

  1. (verified owner)

    Looks and works great. I had some Hornady brass where the primer would sit above flush and it would drive me a little crazy, so I ran this tool through the primer pocket and now they sit perfectly below flush. Couldn’t be happier!

  2. himfeld41 (verified owner)

    Nice tool. Bought the handle to go with it. This works fine for cleaning the primer pocket. Do yourself a favor and chuck it up to a drill for uniforming the pocket.

    • Dave @ K&M

      Thanks for the review himfeld41! Good call on the multiple uses for the tool and when to use the handle.

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