Replacement Cutters: Primer Pocket Correction Tool


Replacement cutter for Primer Pocket Correction Tool.
Confirm your ability to complete the instructions below before purchasing this cutter.

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The cutter is adjustable with an internal jack-screw and secured in place with the visible set-screw. We advertise these tools as fixed due to some folks not able to precisely adjust the cutter.

Follow these steps to replace or adjust the cutter depth (all threads are right-hand):

  1. Remove the carbide cutter by loosening the 10-32 set screw with an industrial grade 3/32 hex wrench
    1. This screw is very tight, but doesn’t have thread locker
  2. Unscrew and remove the ¼” hex from the larger black hex body
  3. Reinstall the cutter and adjust the internal M6x1 jack screw with a 3mm hex wrench
    1. The original version, with black 1/4″ hex, has a smaller 10-32 thread with a sharp inside corner – more prone breakage
  4. Measure the cutter protrusion with calipers by zeroing (or subtract) the overall black hex body length
  5. Retighten the set screw from step a, above and then reinstall the ¼” hex driver

K&M Factory Cutter Settings:

• Small Rifle / Pistol: .122” depth
• Large Rifle: .131” depth
• Large Pistol: .122” depth
• BMG: .220” depth


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