Expand Mandrel Window Riser

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A simple device that allows for full visual of neck expanding operation.
Allows full-stroke of press to eliminate need of stop screw – in most cases.
Inside diameter is .650″, not compatible with BMG cases.

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Expand Mandrel Window Riser

The Expand Mandrel Window Riser is a simple device that brings the case neck expanding above the press and allows for full visual of the operation through a viewing window. Not only does it bring the case neck expanding operation from below the press where line of sight is difficult but it also eliminates the need for the stop screw in the expand mandrel.

7/8-14 male-to-female threads.

Press adapter and expand mandrel sold separately.


Tool Notes:

Thread the Window Riser into the top of your loading press, then thread the expand iron complete into the top of the window riser and adjust each so you can stroke out the press completely without driving the case mouth into the press adapter. This allows you to view the operation which is typically blind under the press and also eliminates the need for the stop screw in the expand mandrel.

1 review for Expand Mandrel Window Riser

  1. bigwsky (verified owner)

    I purchased, the Press adapter and the Expander mandrel window riser along with a couple of Mandrels.
    This is a new reloading process for me and I can already notice the difference on paper.
    After using this set-up my brass runout is less than .0001 runout.
    I highly recommend giving these a try
    K&M products are hard to beat.

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