Case Holder Backstop v1.2

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Upgrade Backstop (v1.0) from initial Case Holder launch or as a spare/replacement.
Includes BACKSTOP (v1.2), interchangeable extension ROD and BOLT for any case length – especially cartridges under 1.5”.
See Description for details.

Case Holder and Collet required and sold separately.

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  • Case protrusion can be set by an internal adjustable Backstop with 8-32 tapped hole (Backstop v1.2)
    • Includes interchangeable, threaded extension Rod and Bolt
    • Rod diameter is .157″ x 3″ long; fits in .17 cal
    • Bolt head diameter is .310″ x 1.6″ long

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Tool Setup

  1. Install appropriate collet by removing CAP
  2. Set case position with BACKSTOP; adjust with flat head screwdriver
  3. Extend range with ROD for base work and BOLT for neck work (8-32 threads)

Instructions for Use

  • Install case into COLLET, twist locking CAP to secure
  • Perform operation(s) as normal (now without hand fatigue!)
  • Twist locking CAP to remove the case and repeat


  • Lightly oil collets for enhanced corrosion protection
  • Periodically lube threads for smooth operation

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