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Standard Caliber - Steel Neck Turner Cutter 23-Degree Angle

Our standard 50-degree cutter works well with all cartridges. For a smoother transition out of the shoulder, we have developed cutters that are 3-degrees larger than the shoulder angles of 20-degree, 25-degree, 30-degree, 35-degree and 40-degree cartridges. 


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Standard Caliber - Steel Neck Turner Cutter with 23-degree angle.

Since the inception of the K&M neck turning tools back in the 1980’s, the cutter lead angle has always been 50-degree. This is referenced from the cartridge axial centerline which has always been our standard. Ken Markel was wise to recognize that a slight cut into the neck/shoulder junction and thinning this intersection is fundamental in the prevention of a doughnut.  A 50-degree cutter lead angle will always allow the cut to thin the neck/shoulder junction material regardless of the shoulder angle; while quickly transitioning out of the shoulder, so as not to thin this material. On the technical side, the end of cut into the shoulder should leave the material thickness at the neck/shoulder junction the same thickness as what the neck is being turned to. Therefore, a cutter with a lead angle that “matches” the cartridge shoulder angle and stopped exactly at the shoulder may leave the neck/shoulder material too thick to prevent the formation of a doughnut. Likewise, if the cut is terminated to the proper end of cut to thin the junction material the shoulder material is typically thinned out and this is not desirable.

We quite often field questions; do we manufacture cutter lead angles to match cartridge shoulder angles? Our typical response is no, for the reasons stated above. After further experimenting and the addition of new grinding equipment, we are ready to introduce cutter lead angles that correspond to some of the most common shoulder angles. Our approach still doesn’t match the cartridge shoulder angle; but rather a cutter lead angle that is 3-degrees greater than the most common shoulder angles. This allows the end of cut to properly thin the junction material while yielding a gentler transition out of the shoulder. Cutter lead angles will first be available in the tool steel version for the small body neck turner (.17 cal.- .338 cal.) for the standard 50-degree cutter, and now 43-, 38-, 33-, 28- and 23-degree cutters. Carbide cutters will follow later this year with the same choices.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: For shallow angle cutters used with .338 caliber cartridges, your existing neck turner body may require one modification to allow you to achieve the end of cut at the shoulder. All neck turner bodies sold after February 1, 2019 have the modification REV-2, as seen in the photo below. We can make this modification to your neck turner body; the charge will be $5.00 plus S&H.

Modified Neck Turner Body Marking


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